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Why do you need it?

To help you answer everyday questions involving people issues
To limit the need for legal counsel
To talk with someone who has "been there before"
To obtain several options for handling employee and management situations
To minimize your potential to get your business in trouble

What is it?

A phone service provided by a seasoned, professional human resources
   expert you can call anytime during the day and early evening.
You will get a "quick & dirty" answer the same or next day.

What Type of Questions would I ask?

What do I do with a problem employee?
Do I discipline or fire an employee?
How do I define exempt employees?
How do I do background checks?
Can I do drug testing and how?
Should I call an attorney for this issue?
How do I know what to pay employees?
Do I have to do performance reviews?
Do I have to pay overtime?
Can I do comp time in lieu of overtime?
 Any other questions ad infinitum!

What does this service cost?

HR Director-on-Call is a small retainer of only $50 a month.
   Jack will be available by phone during the daytime as well as early evenings
   to answer your questions. Questions can be the big "hairy" blockbusters
   that put your business at risk or the little day to day questions for which
   you need practical solutions.

Receive a free HR practices audit when you sign up for six months service.

Policies & procedures
Employee handbook
Job descriptions
Wage & salary practices
Benefits plans
Workers compensation
Safety practices & procedures

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